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Why Richblu

Richblu is your solution for all the precious gemstone requirements of the jewellery industry around the world, from the Caribbean to Paris, France, and from Moscow to Melbourne, Australia.

Here is a list of the services which Richblu can offer to those in the jewellery industry:

  1. Manufacturers of blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds
  2. Sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  3. Calibrated Australian sapphires
  4. African sapphires
  5. Multi-colour sapphires
  6. Fancy sapphires
  7. Manufacturers of Burmese rubies
  8. Brazilian emeralds
  9. Zambian emeralds
  10. Mined blue sapphires
  11. Mined emeralds
  12. Sapphire mines
  13. Ruby mines 
  14. Emerald mines
  15. Calibrated Burmese rubies
  16. Calibrated Brazilian emeralds
  17. Calibrated Zambian emeralds
  18. Suppliers of blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds
  19. Coloured gemstones
  20. Precious gemstones